If you are looking for perfection, it is advisable not to have surgery, as you will always be disappointed. A plastic surgeon is like a craftsman who works with his hands, his brain and his heart.

He will respect your wishes and do everything he can to achieve the desired result, as long as your project is reasonable and feasible. A preoperative visit is therefore extremely important to enable the surgeon to determine exactly what you want.

Before entrusting your face or body to someone, it is absolutely natural to want to know about the results. Even if “total security” does not exist, choosing a qualified, experienced and specialized surgeon is the best guarantee of getting a satisfactory result.

Before the procedure, you will have clear, precise and complete information on the relevant solutions, with all the results and risks.

If some details remain vague of if you have issues with the terms, please ask Dr Petit for more information before the procedure (or don’t go ahead with surgery).

Your best guarantees are the educational background and experience of your surgeon. If he considers your project is not reasonable or feasible, he will tell you so and will recommend a more appropriate solution. You’re always free to take it or leave it. 

Most of the procedures only leave small traces, hidden scars and natural-looking results. If you don’t tell anyone, nobody will know (expect, perhaps, your partner).

For more discretion, take time to “chill out” after the procedure and hide the treated areas under loose-fitting clothes. 

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